Kraegor "The Walker" Walkerranger

An aged traveler who isn't afraid to wave his walking stick around


Race: Human
Class: Cleric (Lvl 2)
Age: 63


HP: 20
AC: 15
Fort: 4
Will: +5
Ref: +3
Melee Attack: +3 Quarterstaff (1d6
3 x2)/ 3 Quarterstaff (1d63 x2) or 5 (1d64)
Ranged Attack: +4 Any object laying about within reach (1d4?)

Weapon Focus: Quarterstaff
Two Weapon Fighting

Heal: +8
Survival: +8

0 (orisons): Detect Magic
Detect Poison

1: Summon Monster I
Magic Weapon

2: Hold Person
Spiritual Weapon

Domain: Longstrider
Locate Object

Features: Turn Undead
Freedom of Movement 1/Day



Kraegor’s story began but 63 years ago, where he was found by his adoptive parents by the side of a road in the midst of midwinter. Owen and Beru Walkerranger were simple folk who believed in a days work for a days pay, and they drank blue milk. Though living off the land was not easy and another mouth to feed would only add to their hardship, they could not bear to leave the newborn that was Kraegor Walkerranger to perish beside the road and took him as their own.
Eventually Kraegor Walkerranger grew, learned the family trade and made himself useful about the small village in which they resided. Life was good, times were joyous, and blue milk was plenty…or so it seemed.

The village owed a portion of their crop in yearly taxes to the nearby feudal lord, Lord Zeratul, to which it had been late in paying. Lord Zeratul would have none of it and ordered the small community blockaded! Without incoming supplies, it was not long before most perished from starvation, including Owen and Beru Walkerranger. Little Kraegor Walkerranger managed to escape however, and wandered the lonely roads until he was again found, but by Clerics of Fharlanghn. He came to realize how time after time, the roads have saved him from peril, and perhaps a greater being was watching overhead.

And so, Kraegor Walkerranger devoted himself completely to Fharlanghn and made it his duty to follow the path of the great deity by keeping every road free of bandits, thieves and evil-doers and by encouraging travel amongst his comrades!

Kraegor "The Walker" Walkerranger

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