Thalendor Confederation

Jesus Christ monkey balls, the church is on fire?!!

I leave town for just a few days and this is what happens?!

I can never go on vacation without worry about what will happen while I am gone. You think you can trust them to just take care of themselves and then out of no where the church gets set on fire. Seriously, just went up in flames.

Well I guess I should explain what happened before hand so as not to confuse you simple folk. Not that it would be too hard considerin’ the fact that when Kraegor speaks you eat up everythang he says like it were the sweetest pie you ever did taste. Don’t know where I learned to speak like that. Anyway…

We had made it out of the cave and set up camp so we could finally get some rest. Asa eventually regained consciousness and was just as confused and disorientated as everyone else. We had stared death in the face and survived. Well, not Kai. It’s okay seeing as he didn’t have any family anyway. Asa asked us to catch him up on the details and so I began to tell him how we managed to escape that accursed tomb of a cave. once I got around to telling him about the room we found he stopped me there and asked if I could go into greater detail. A little while after describing the room a look of horror came over him. He immediately said that we had to go back into the cave and get in that room. None of us objected so off we went back to the caves. Yippie!!

Didn’t take long to get to the room since the way there wasn’t blocked anymore. Once Asa stepped inside the room he realized that it was a place of evil and began to bash anything and everything within. I on the other hand was more interested in searching the room again just in case we missed something last time around. Kraegor joined in and so did the thief but I don’t think she was looking for the same thing we were. While searching I found a false wall that lead to a room. The room was filled with, how should I put this? Let’s just say that the room wasn’t filled with sunshine and happiness. Don’t want to give any kiddies nightmares.

After Asa was done smashing stuff we were about to leave when I said that I wanted to go back to a certain part of the cave. The others said they wanted to go so I said the I would meet them outside when I was done. Of course the thief and Kraegor joined me for no reason in particular. We went to the part of the caves that had the big drop in it. I remembered that there was a way that lead up the waterfall area to some place outside the caves. Just thought it might be a good idea to check it out before we left. Kali got up without too much trouble but Kraegor and myself had a bit of a rough time. Especially me who fell and hit a rock on the way down before having to make my way back there. We eventually exited the caves to what seemed like a lookout post for the Kobolds. Nothing special. Although we could see a very large, angry group of wasps flying about in the distance looking for something or someone and decided that we better not over stay our welcome.

We regrouped and started to head back to town. A day or two into our travels we came across a brown bear just minding its own business in the woods. I wanted to go kill it and skin it so I could bring it back to my father. A good bearskin coat or set of boots would be nice in the winter. I told everyone what I was doing and Kraegor and Kali joined me. Unfortunately the others didn’t want to wait around for us to kill the bear so I told them in as nice a way as possible that they could head to town and we would catch up with them later. They left and we fought the bear. I got knocked out but the bear was killed and I skinned it. Then we set up camp and began our journey renewed and refreshed the next day.

As we got closer to the town we noticed that it was a little quite and began to wonder why that was. We did arrive at night but it wasn’t that late and I thought that we would see at least someone waiting for us when we got there. Well we would find out what was up once we got to the church so that’s where we headed. Upon reaching the church we saw something that I will never forget. It was hanging from the church door. It looked almost like a person. Once we got close enough we realized it was a person and not just any person, it was Pastor Robert. His chest had been ripped open and his lifeless body was strung up on the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like I was caught in some nightmare. We began to search the surrounding area for anyone and unfortunately didn’t find anything. At that moment a thought came to my mind and I instantly started for my home to see if my father was okay.

When I got there I searched the whole house and found no one. Except for our horse. I took the horse and began to ride back to the center of town. Once I arrived I told Kraegor and Kali of what I had found and told them that I was going to search the Sikke family farm to see if I could find anything. Unfortunately it was just like my house. So I rode back to the church as fast as I could. When I got there I saw that the church had caught on fire and ran in to see if thee was anyone inside who needed help. The heat was almost unbearable as I tried to see inside. I could tell that there were some bodies on the ground but there was no way to get to them to see if they we alive or not. I ran out just in time. The roof gave way and crashed down on top of everything. Then I wondered where Kraegor and Kali had gone off to. I jumped up on my horse again and began looking.

Luckily for me finding Kraegor is not that difficult, seeing as he was shouting curses at the top of his lungs for some reason. I went down the space between the smithy’s and another house to find Kraegor on the ground and Kali about to fire a bolt at something in the distance. As I focused on what she was firing at I realized who it was. Joris!! Again I had come face to face with him and again it seems that he’s what has been causing all this mayhem and chaos to happen in my town. Finally I would get my chance to avenge everyone that was hurt because of him. Any sentimentality between us was long gone now and I would not hold back or hesitate anymore. Without thinking I charged my horse at him waving my mace in the the air getting ready for a devastating thwack. Kali had take the opportunity to fire a bolt which was right on target. For some strange reason the bolt seemed to just bounce off of Joris or rather it didn’t even reach him at all. Something invisible deflected the bolt.

Before I could even try to stop myself I was upon him and took a mighty swing at his head. Before I knew what was going on I was thrown from my horse and fell crashing to the ground. It seems that what had stopped Kali’s attack had also easily stopped mine as well. Joris then started to turn red and grow horns becoming what Kraegor and I had fought the first time we came across him in the caves. Joris closed in on me and took a swipe at me. Luckily I was able to take only a glancing blow from his voracious attack. With the others providing support I was able to dance away and recover myself. Kraegor summoned dog spirit to fight along side us giving us the upper hand. We all began to attack Joris blow for blow. Eventually Joris wasn’t looking so good I was able to knock him to the ground with a jab from my sword. He began to flail wildly trying to keep us at bay but none of us cared what would happen to ourselves as long as we got rid of this abomination.

We took a few more hits before Joris saw my mace come crashing down on his face finally bringing an end to the evil plaguing my town. We were all completely exhausted from the fight and were about to walk away when the earth beneath our feet began to shake. A fissure opened in the ground and a demonic figure come forth the collect Joris’s remains, dragging down to the bowls of the underworld. None of us could believe our eyes. We were just relieved that it was finally over.

Needless to say that night we all let off some steam and got smashed on the ale and liquor that was left in the tavern. We needed it after these last few days. The next day we took one last look around the town inspecting every single house and business for any sign of life. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Everyone was gone and I had no clue how or where they were taken or even if they were still alive. We gathered a cart and a horse due to the fact that Kali had taken more then she could carry of plunder from every place we went into. I went back to the Sikke family farm and went into Emma’s room to look around one last time. I found a locket that seemed to be a family heirloom so I grabbed it and planned to give it to her just in case I ever saw her again. Before we set out I took one last look at the church. The fire had gone out and the roof had already collapsed so it was safe to look around. I went into Pastor Robert’s office and found his journal inside a one of his desk draws. I thought that maybe there might be some clue to what had happened while we were gone in it.

After everything was ready we headed out for the city of Medocia. Maybe we would find a few familiar faces there and some better luck.

Wowzer’s kids!!! That was one was full excitement and battle!! Tune in next time to see whether our adventurer’s find friendship in the city of Medocia in the episode:

“I can take a hint, gotta face the facts You’re my only friend, Kraegor!"


“Let’s just say that the room wasn’t filled with sunshine and happiness.” Had me rolling

your memory is ridiculous will. bravo


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