Thalendor Confederation

I can take a hint, gotta face the facts, your my only friend Kraegor!

Ya know, being arrested isn’t so bad as long as you have an ace up your sleeve. Especially when that ace is a thief.

Remind me later to thank that sneaky thief after I’m done with this part of the story. Kraegor and I were in quite the pickle and that backstabbing, under-handed, lying, cheating, little thief actually stuck her neck out for us. I guess she’s alright in my book. For now.

Well, well…Back again are we? I guess I’m not surprised that your interest was peaked after the last tall tale I told you. Our adventures have spread far and wide across the land growing grander and more embellished over the years. At least when I tell them you can count on them being mostly true. A good story always has to have a little tweaking of the truth here and there.

Yes, so we were headed towards the city of Medocia. Me on my horse, Kali in the cart with her crap she stole (and I now she stole it even though she said otherwise), and Kraegor walking next to the horse pulling the cart of crap Kali stole. We hadn’t gotten to far along our journey when we came across some familiar faces. Casmin, and Athems were riding some horses back towards town. At first I was ecstatic to see that at least someone had survived or escaped what had happened in town. I greeted them and asked where they were headed. They said that they were heading North under the orders of Himo and said that Asa and Ishane were waiting back in Medocia with him. When I asked them why they were a bit stand offish and looked at me a little sternly but I didn’t care. If Himo and the others were in Medocia that could mean that everyone else fled there to escape the chaos and I couldn’t wait to see my father again.

We said our farewells and continued onward toward Medocia. The city itself was bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life. Mostly because I had never really left town. Kali insisted that we head to the market so that she could sell all the crap she stole from town. Kraegor volunteered his services and I said that I was going to look for Himo and the others. I bid them good luck and headed off. The market place was a mass of people haggling over goods and wares the likes of which I couldn’t imagine. The smells coming from nowhere and every where were intoxicating. I couldn’t stop and partake in anything delectable right now, I had to find Himo and the others. As luck would have it, that’s what I thought at first, I had stumbled upon a guardsmen of the city.

I greeted the guard and asked if he had seen anyone by the name of Himo and that it was urgent that I speak with him? He said yes and then asked if I happened to be Willbur Huff? I immediately said yes. Unfortunately the next thing the guard said was not what I was expecting. He told me that I was under arrest, so I ran. Who else wouldn’t do that in my situation. I ran back to the general area where Kali and Kraegor had set up shop to sell the crap and began to shout out there names. I couldn’t see either of them through the huge mass of people so I just kept running around in a circle until Kraegor showed up. He asked what was wrong. I told that the guardsmen wanted to arrest for some reason and they weren’t telling me and that we needed to leave as soon as possible.

I could tell he pondering something by the intense look on his face. He shouted “I got it!” and then his fist smashed into my face. The guards were already on me by the time I knew what had happened. The original guard questioned him about what he was doing and Kraegor made up some dumb lie about how I had robbed him and his family either that week and that he wanted swift justice or something. God he’s an idiot.

Two of the guards began to hall me off to a holding cell when I heard a commotion behind me. Then I heard Kraegor shouting and it sounded like the guards were getting angry at the way he was following them. They told him to leave and when he refused they started to fight. I took the opportunity to bluff my way out of the situation but only got hit again. Then I tried to force myself out of the grip of the guard but that didn’t work either. Hey, you gotta at least try every option. The fight didn’t go so well for Kraegor either and in no time they had both of us in custody. The thief was no where to be seen. Didn’t surprise me in the least bit. At the first sign of trouble her kind always disappear.

We waited in the jail cell for some time before the initial interrogation began. Nothing physical though, just a judge questioning us about what had happened in the town. Get this, they think I was behind the whole thing! Can you believe it? I managed at the age of 16 to join with the Red Hand, or whatever the hell they’re called, and come up with a plan to remove most of the watch from the town so they could come in and kidnap everyone and put to work as slaves. Funny right, even though there is no substantial evidence, just word of mouth and already everyone thinks I am guilty. The judge was a complete prude acting all high and mighty saying “Everyone is guilty of something they just don’t know it yet.” I told him that by that logic he is guilty of something and that he should be arrested and thrown in a cell too. He just shrugged it off saying something like I’m a prude and I like to wear dresses and feel pretty.

Himo and Asa were there by the way. Yeah, Himo made sure that the judge felt that I was the master mind behind the whole thing and ol’ no balls Asa was just standing around like moron with his thumb up his ass not coming to my defense. I can’t wait to see him again so I can punch him right in his face. Anyway, the conversation didn’t help us at all. Kraegor even said that there was a third to our party but I convinced them that he was crazy and just spatting nonsense. Later that evening our cell door opened but not by any of the guards. A young girl opened it dressed formally in an evening gown. I than realized that it was Kali in disguise. She had made a poison early that day to add to some liquor that she had gotten the guards to drink after she told them some false story about how they had helped her family out a few weeks ago and said that it was a thank you.

After being set free we looked around for our stuff and anything of value. Kraegor found a magical dagger and immediately handed it to Kali. What an idiot. As we were about to leave the captain of the guard came by to check up on the others. He saw the mess we had made searching and realized something was amiss. He came to his office and saw us standing there in the shadows. Kali panicked and broke the window with her arm cutting herself. Kraegor being the self-centered coward he was jumped right our the window and ran off into the night without a second thought. I helped Kali out the window next and then jumped out myself. Right when I jumped the guard took a swing at my head and missed catching his sword in the window frame but that didn’t slow him down for long. He followed out the window and managed to land on his feet. Kali had apparently thought it was a good idea to just hide in the shadows next to where she had landed which turned out not to be a good idea. The captain spotted her and took a swing narrowly missing her.

It then dawned on her to run off down the alleyways as I had done earlier. We were running for some time trying to lose the guard but he kept on our tails. I stopped after rounding a corner and took aim with my bow. After the guard came around the corner I loosed the arrow but unfortunately hit Kali instead. The guard had a smug look of satisfaction on his face as he blew his whistle to alert any other guards in the vicinity so I took another shot at him. He then realized that i might be a good idea to go back behind the corner and wait there. It was at this point that Kraegor had found us and quickly healed Kali with a spell so that she could run on her own again. We ran down some more alleyways and once we felt we were safe we began to check the doors of the houses to see if any were open. Luckily one was so we went inside.

Kali and I made sure that we weren’t making too much noise as we hid inside. Kraegor didn’t mind making noise and woke up one of the children that was sleeping who then called out to his father that someone was in the house. I ran to the back door to see if any guards were waiting outside. There were none that I could see so I motioned to the others to head over to me but at that moment the door behind me swung open. A man stepped out of the room and didn’t see me because the door blocked me from his view. He saw Kraegor who began to tell him that he was one of the guards looking for us but the man didn’t believe him. I took the opportunity to duck out the back door and Kraegor walked behind me while Kali brought up the rear. Again we ran down more alleyways until we reached a dead end with a large pile of trash next to a wall. The wall looked scalable so Kraegor suggested we climb it. I told him to climb up and tie off the rope I kept in my pack to make it easier for Kali and myself. We climbed up easy enough and found ourselves on the rooftop of a house.

We ran and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. It was like a scene out of a book I read about a street urchin who finds a magic lamp with a genie inside that grants him three wishes which he use to make a princess fall in love with him. It was epic! After a little while we came to point were we could climb down to one of the main rounds that lead to an exit that lead out of the city. I said that we should leave quick and quietly and everyone agreed. We got out of the city without and problems and that was when I told Kraegor and Kali that I had come to a decision. I told them that I was going to head East to find the head quarters of the Red Hand and free everyone from my home town. I told them that they didn’t have to come if they didn’t want to. After a little while they both decided to come one reason being that Kraegor could not just stand idly by while innocents were forced to be slaves and Kali thought that there might be something of value that she could get her hands on. All that was left now was to get by the check set up at the bridge we needed to cross which was a lot easier than it seemed. All we had to do was walk by inconspicuously. It worked.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to rescue everyone, clear our names, and make it back alive. At least I wasn’t alone heading into the unknown. I made a promise to myself that night that no matter what Himo and the others would get what was coming to them and that any Red Hand member that crossed my path wouldn’t live to tell the tale. They will all pay for what they’ve done.

Who are the Red Hand and what do the want with all the towns people? Will Wilbur Huff and the others be able to save everyone and clear their names? Tune in next time pizanos for the next hair raising episode:

“Let’s get down to business – to defeat the Red Hand”



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