Thalendor Confederation

I can take a hint, gotta face the facts, your my only friend Kraegor!

Ya know, being arrested isn’t so bad as long as you have an ace up your sleeve. Especially when that ace is a thief.

Remind me later to thank that sneaky thief after I’m done with this part of the story. Kraegor and I were in quite the pickle and that backstabbing, under-handed, lying, cheating, little thief actually stuck her neck out for us. I guess she’s alright in my book. For now.

Well, well…Back again are we? I guess I’m not surprised that your interest was peaked after the last tall tale I told you. Our adventures have spread far and wide across the land growing grander and more embellished over the years. At least when I tell them you can count on them being mostly true. A good story always has to have a little tweaking of the truth here and there.

Yes, so we were headed towards the city of Medocia. Me on my horse, Kali in the cart with her crap she stole (and I now she stole it even though she said otherwise), and Kraegor walking next to the horse pulling the cart of crap Kali stole. We hadn’t gotten to far along our journey when we came across some familiar faces. Casmin, and Athems were riding some horses back towards town. At first I was ecstatic to see that at least someone had survived or escaped what had happened in town. I greeted them and asked where they were headed. They said that they were heading North under the orders of Himo and said that Asa and Ishane were waiting back in Medocia with him. When I asked them why they were a bit stand offish and looked at me a little sternly but I didn’t care. If Himo and the others were in Medocia that could mean that everyone else fled there to escape the chaos and I couldn’t wait to see my father again.

We said our farewells and continued onward toward Medocia. The city itself was bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life. Mostly because I had never really left town. Kali insisted that we head to the market so that she could sell all the crap she stole from town. Kraegor volunteered his services and I said that I was going to look for Himo and the others. I bid them good luck and headed off. The market place was a mass of people haggling over goods and wares the likes of which I couldn’t imagine. The smells coming from nowhere and every where were intoxicating. I couldn’t stop and partake in anything delectable right now, I had to find Himo and the others. As luck would have it, that’s what I thought at first, I had stumbled upon a guardsmen of the city.

I greeted the guard and asked if he had seen anyone by the name of Himo and that it was urgent that I speak with him? He said yes and then asked if I happened to be Willbur Huff? I immediately said yes. Unfortunately the next thing the guard said was not what I was expecting. He told me that I was under arrest, so I ran. Who else wouldn’t do that in my situation. I ran back to the general area where Kali and Kraegor had set up shop to sell the crap and began to shout out there names. I couldn’t see either of them through the huge mass of people so I just kept running around in a circle until Kraegor showed up. He asked what was wrong. I told that the guardsmen wanted to arrest for some reason and they weren’t telling me and that we needed to leave as soon as possible.

I could tell he pondering something by the intense look on his face. He shouted “I got it!” and then his fist smashed into my face. The guards were already on me by the time I knew what had happened. The original guard questioned him about what he was doing and Kraegor made up some dumb lie about how I had robbed him and his family either that week and that he wanted swift justice or something. God he’s an idiot.

Two of the guards began to hall me off to a holding cell when I heard a commotion behind me. Then I heard Kraegor shouting and it sounded like the guards were getting angry at the way he was following them. They told him to leave and when he refused they started to fight. I took the opportunity to bluff my way out of the situation but only got hit again. Then I tried to force myself out of the grip of the guard but that didn’t work either. Hey, you gotta at least try every option. The fight didn’t go so well for Kraegor either and in no time they had both of us in custody. The thief was no where to be seen. Didn’t surprise me in the least bit. At the first sign of trouble her kind always disappear.

We waited in the jail cell for some time before the initial interrogation began. Nothing physical though, just a judge questioning us about what had happened in the town. Get this, they think I was behind the whole thing! Can you believe it? I managed at the age of 16 to join with the Red Hand, or whatever the hell they’re called, and come up with a plan to remove most of the watch from the town so they could come in and kidnap everyone and put to work as slaves. Funny right, even though there is no substantial evidence, just word of mouth and already everyone thinks I am guilty. The judge was a complete prude acting all high and mighty saying “Everyone is guilty of something they just don’t know it yet.” I told him that by that logic he is guilty of something and that he should be arrested and thrown in a cell too. He just shrugged it off saying something like I’m a prude and I like to wear dresses and feel pretty.

Himo and Asa were there by the way. Yeah, Himo made sure that the judge felt that I was the master mind behind the whole thing and ol’ no balls Asa was just standing around like moron with his thumb up his ass not coming to my defense. I can’t wait to see him again so I can punch him right in his face. Anyway, the conversation didn’t help us at all. Kraegor even said that there was a third to our party but I convinced them that he was crazy and just spatting nonsense. Later that evening our cell door opened but not by any of the guards. A young girl opened it dressed formally in an evening gown. I than realized that it was Kali in disguise. She had made a poison early that day to add to some liquor that she had gotten the guards to drink after she told them some false story about how they had helped her family out a few weeks ago and said that it was a thank you.

After being set free we looked around for our stuff and anything of value. Kraegor found a magical dagger and immediately handed it to Kali. What an idiot. As we were about to leave the captain of the guard came by to check up on the others. He saw the mess we had made searching and realized something was amiss. He came to his office and saw us standing there in the shadows. Kali panicked and broke the window with her arm cutting herself. Kraegor being the self-centered coward he was jumped right our the window and ran off into the night without a second thought. I helped Kali out the window next and then jumped out myself. Right when I jumped the guard took a swing at my head and missed catching his sword in the window frame but that didn’t slow him down for long. He followed out the window and managed to land on his feet. Kali had apparently thought it was a good idea to just hide in the shadows next to where she had landed which turned out not to be a good idea. The captain spotted her and took a swing narrowly missing her.

It then dawned on her to run off down the alleyways as I had done earlier. We were running for some time trying to lose the guard but he kept on our tails. I stopped after rounding a corner and took aim with my bow. After the guard came around the corner I loosed the arrow but unfortunately hit Kali instead. The guard had a smug look of satisfaction on his face as he blew his whistle to alert any other guards in the vicinity so I took another shot at him. He then realized that i might be a good idea to go back behind the corner and wait there. It was at this point that Kraegor had found us and quickly healed Kali with a spell so that she could run on her own again. We ran down some more alleyways and once we felt we were safe we began to check the doors of the houses to see if any were open. Luckily one was so we went inside.

Kali and I made sure that we weren’t making too much noise as we hid inside. Kraegor didn’t mind making noise and woke up one of the children that was sleeping who then called out to his father that someone was in the house. I ran to the back door to see if any guards were waiting outside. There were none that I could see so I motioned to the others to head over to me but at that moment the door behind me swung open. A man stepped out of the room and didn’t see me because the door blocked me from his view. He saw Kraegor who began to tell him that he was one of the guards looking for us but the man didn’t believe him. I took the opportunity to duck out the back door and Kraegor walked behind me while Kali brought up the rear. Again we ran down more alleyways until we reached a dead end with a large pile of trash next to a wall. The wall looked scalable so Kraegor suggested we climb it. I told him to climb up and tie off the rope I kept in my pack to make it easier for Kali and myself. We climbed up easy enough and found ourselves on the rooftop of a house.

We ran and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. It was like a scene out of a book I read about a street urchin who finds a magic lamp with a genie inside that grants him three wishes which he use to make a princess fall in love with him. It was epic! After a little while we came to point were we could climb down to one of the main rounds that lead to an exit that lead out of the city. I said that we should leave quick and quietly and everyone agreed. We got out of the city without and problems and that was when I told Kraegor and Kali that I had come to a decision. I told them that I was going to head East to find the head quarters of the Red Hand and free everyone from my home town. I told them that they didn’t have to come if they didn’t want to. After a little while they both decided to come one reason being that Kraegor could not just stand idly by while innocents were forced to be slaves and Kali thought that there might be something of value that she could get her hands on. All that was left now was to get by the check set up at the bridge we needed to cross which was a lot easier than it seemed. All we had to do was walk by inconspicuously. It worked.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to rescue everyone, clear our names, and make it back alive. At least I wasn’t alone heading into the unknown. I made a promise to myself that night that no matter what Himo and the others would get what was coming to them and that any Red Hand member that crossed my path wouldn’t live to tell the tale. They will all pay for what they’ve done.

Who are the Red Hand and what do the want with all the towns people? Will Wilbur Huff and the others be able to save everyone and clear their names? Tune in next time pizanos for the next hair raising episode:

“Let’s get down to business – to defeat the Red Hand”
Jesus Christ monkey balls, the church is on fire?!!

I leave town for just a few days and this is what happens?!

I can never go on vacation without worry about what will happen while I am gone. You think you can trust them to just take care of themselves and then out of no where the church gets set on fire. Seriously, just went up in flames.

Well I guess I should explain what happened before hand so as not to confuse you simple folk. Not that it would be too hard considerin’ the fact that when Kraegor speaks you eat up everythang he says like it were the sweetest pie you ever did taste. Don’t know where I learned to speak like that. Anyway…

We had made it out of the cave and set up camp so we could finally get some rest. Asa eventually regained consciousness and was just as confused and disorientated as everyone else. We had stared death in the face and survived. Well, not Kai. It’s okay seeing as he didn’t have any family anyway. Asa asked us to catch him up on the details and so I began to tell him how we managed to escape that accursed tomb of a cave. once I got around to telling him about the room we found he stopped me there and asked if I could go into greater detail. A little while after describing the room a look of horror came over him. He immediately said that we had to go back into the cave and get in that room. None of us objected so off we went back to the caves. Yippie!!

Didn’t take long to get to the room since the way there wasn’t blocked anymore. Once Asa stepped inside the room he realized that it was a place of evil and began to bash anything and everything within. I on the other hand was more interested in searching the room again just in case we missed something last time around. Kraegor joined in and so did the thief but I don’t think she was looking for the same thing we were. While searching I found a false wall that lead to a room. The room was filled with, how should I put this? Let’s just say that the room wasn’t filled with sunshine and happiness. Don’t want to give any kiddies nightmares.

After Asa was done smashing stuff we were about to leave when I said that I wanted to go back to a certain part of the cave. The others said they wanted to go so I said the I would meet them outside when I was done. Of course the thief and Kraegor joined me for no reason in particular. We went to the part of the caves that had the big drop in it. I remembered that there was a way that lead up the waterfall area to some place outside the caves. Just thought it might be a good idea to check it out before we left. Kali got up without too much trouble but Kraegor and myself had a bit of a rough time. Especially me who fell and hit a rock on the way down before having to make my way back there. We eventually exited the caves to what seemed like a lookout post for the Kobolds. Nothing special. Although we could see a very large, angry group of wasps flying about in the distance looking for something or someone and decided that we better not over stay our welcome.

We regrouped and started to head back to town. A day or two into our travels we came across a brown bear just minding its own business in the woods. I wanted to go kill it and skin it so I could bring it back to my father. A good bearskin coat or set of boots would be nice in the winter. I told everyone what I was doing and Kraegor and Kali joined me. Unfortunately the others didn’t want to wait around for us to kill the bear so I told them in as nice a way as possible that they could head to town and we would catch up with them later. They left and we fought the bear. I got knocked out but the bear was killed and I skinned it. Then we set up camp and began our journey renewed and refreshed the next day.

As we got closer to the town we noticed that it was a little quite and began to wonder why that was. We did arrive at night but it wasn’t that late and I thought that we would see at least someone waiting for us when we got there. Well we would find out what was up once we got to the church so that’s where we headed. Upon reaching the church we saw something that I will never forget. It was hanging from the church door. It looked almost like a person. Once we got close enough we realized it was a person and not just any person, it was Pastor Robert. His chest had been ripped open and his lifeless body was strung up on the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like I was caught in some nightmare. We began to search the surrounding area for anyone and unfortunately didn’t find anything. At that moment a thought came to my mind and I instantly started for my home to see if my father was okay.

When I got there I searched the whole house and found no one. Except for our horse. I took the horse and began to ride back to the center of town. Once I arrived I told Kraegor and Kali of what I had found and told them that I was going to search the Sikke family farm to see if I could find anything. Unfortunately it was just like my house. So I rode back to the church as fast as I could. When I got there I saw that the church had caught on fire and ran in to see if thee was anyone inside who needed help. The heat was almost unbearable as I tried to see inside. I could tell that there were some bodies on the ground but there was no way to get to them to see if they we alive or not. I ran out just in time. The roof gave way and crashed down on top of everything. Then I wondered where Kraegor and Kali had gone off to. I jumped up on my horse again and began looking.

Luckily for me finding Kraegor is not that difficult, seeing as he was shouting curses at the top of his lungs for some reason. I went down the space between the smithy’s and another house to find Kraegor on the ground and Kali about to fire a bolt at something in the distance. As I focused on what she was firing at I realized who it was. Joris!! Again I had come face to face with him and again it seems that he’s what has been causing all this mayhem and chaos to happen in my town. Finally I would get my chance to avenge everyone that was hurt because of him. Any sentimentality between us was long gone now and I would not hold back or hesitate anymore. Without thinking I charged my horse at him waving my mace in the the air getting ready for a devastating thwack. Kali had take the opportunity to fire a bolt which was right on target. For some strange reason the bolt seemed to just bounce off of Joris or rather it didn’t even reach him at all. Something invisible deflected the bolt.

Before I could even try to stop myself I was upon him and took a mighty swing at his head. Before I knew what was going on I was thrown from my horse and fell crashing to the ground. It seems that what had stopped Kali’s attack had also easily stopped mine as well. Joris then started to turn red and grow horns becoming what Kraegor and I had fought the first time we came across him in the caves. Joris closed in on me and took a swipe at me. Luckily I was able to take only a glancing blow from his voracious attack. With the others providing support I was able to dance away and recover myself. Kraegor summoned dog spirit to fight along side us giving us the upper hand. We all began to attack Joris blow for blow. Eventually Joris wasn’t looking so good I was able to knock him to the ground with a jab from my sword. He began to flail wildly trying to keep us at bay but none of us cared what would happen to ourselves as long as we got rid of this abomination.

We took a few more hits before Joris saw my mace come crashing down on his face finally bringing an end to the evil plaguing my town. We were all completely exhausted from the fight and were about to walk away when the earth beneath our feet began to shake. A fissure opened in the ground and a demonic figure come forth the collect Joris’s remains, dragging down to the bowls of the underworld. None of us could believe our eyes. We were just relieved that it was finally over.

Needless to say that night we all let off some steam and got smashed on the ale and liquor that was left in the tavern. We needed it after these last few days. The next day we took one last look around the town inspecting every single house and business for any sign of life. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Everyone was gone and I had no clue how or where they were taken or even if they were still alive. We gathered a cart and a horse due to the fact that Kali had taken more then she could carry of plunder from every place we went into. I went back to the Sikke family farm and went into Emma’s room to look around one last time. I found a locket that seemed to be a family heirloom so I grabbed it and planned to give it to her just in case I ever saw her again. Before we set out I took one last look at the church. The fire had gone out and the roof had already collapsed so it was safe to look around. I went into Pastor Robert’s office and found his journal inside a one of his desk draws. I thought that maybe there might be some clue to what had happened while we were gone in it.

After everything was ready we headed out for the city of Medocia. Maybe we would find a few familiar faces there and some better luck.

Wowzer’s kids!!! That was one was full excitement and battle!! Tune in next time to see whether our adventurer’s find friendship in the city of Medocia in the episode:

“I can take a hint, gotta face the facts You’re my only friend, Kraegor!"
A long, long time ago in a place far, far away some shit went down .

What Kraegor said is a lie and this is what actually happened.

Well it has been some time since the last entry in the journal that I keep. No it’s not a diary and no I am not a little girl. I do this so at least there is some record as to what actually happened. I’ve been reading some exerpts from Kraegor’s book and things are taken way out of proportion. Plus it always ends with him risking his life to save everyone from certain doom, even when all we do is set camp for the night and nothing happens. Thoughts That I Think by Kraegor “The Walker” Walkerranger and yes that is the actual title. Doesn’t surprise me in the least bit.

Enough about his insanity though. Let’s get back to what really happened. Let’s see, let’s see where were we…

Ah yes, we had just finished splitting into two groups. One to watch Joris at the church while the rest went in search of the evil in the caves. Can you guess which group I was in? That’s right I went back to the caves that Kraegor and I almost died in. Good idea, huh?

Anyway, we finished our preparations and begin the long journey back to the caves in the mountains. Oh by the way, we had an unusual volunteer join us. Oh what was her name again? I’ve never been good with remembering names. Kali, that’s right! I say unusual because she was a complete stranger passing through our town who happened to over here our conversation about what we must do to rid the caves of the evil within and just asked to join us.

So off we went. As usual nothing out of the ordinary happened and we were able to make it to the cave. Again we needed to scale the cliff face but I was able to get up without a problem and I tied off the rope I brought so that everyone could have an easier time getting up. After that we ventured forth into the cavern and met up with a few old friends. That’s right, the Kobolds were still there and were ready for a fight. It was a mish-mash of confusion and movement at first mainly do to the fact that the Kobolds kept to the shadows and caused us to split up. But no one was severely injured and we all managed to converge at the end of the skirmish. Although I don’t recall what the thief was doing at the time but she reassured me that she was helping out Himo and Athems so no harm done.

We all converged upon a tunnel that led deeper into the cavern. Whilst taken caution and walking in a more defensive formation we noticed that the further we ventured down the tunnel the foggier it got. Which was unusual but the cavern was moist from some form of water presumably running some where in the cavern. We came to an area full of fog not being able to see 5 inches in front of our faces. I told everyone to fan out and follow the wall to see if they could fined a way out but before we could even get our barrings the thief, Kali, ran into another one of our Kobold friends. Both were equally surprised by how the other had simply appeared out of thin air so Kali was able to get in a quick thrust. I heard the commotion and went to help out. We dispatched the Kolbold with ease as another peculiar event unfolded before our very eyes. A magic missile shot out from the fog and struck one of our party members but before I could check who was on the receiving end Kraegor ran forward screaming at the top of his lungs. That wasn’t the best of ideas as he didn’t see the gigantic hole in the floor do to the fog. He fell with a surprised yell and then a sploosh. I could only hope that he actually fell into to water but I wasn’t too worried as the old warrior could handle himself in tough situations.

Himo and Athems made it into the foggy area just as Kraegor was heard screaming as he fell. Another magic missile was fired but missed everyone. Although this did cause the entirety of group, excluding Kali and myself, to charge at the direction that the missile came from. I tried to scream at them telling them to stop. They did hear me but didn’t listen and fell through the hole in the floor, screamed, and hit water. I grabbed onto Kali’s arm and began to feel around the floor with my foot so that we could at least have some idea of where the hole began. Once we found the edge I crouched and readied my bow looking for any sign of movement. Kali blended into the fog and disappeared before my eyes. At that point I had the thought that I would not want to meet up with her in some dark alleyway. As soon as we got ready for whatever was to happen next the fog began to lift.

Eventually I could make out a tiny shape straight across the gap from me. To my astonishment it was another Kobold. Fortunately he was looking down into the hole so I was able to get off a shot without it noticing. The arrow slammed right into it’s stomach causing it to gasp in horror as it realized that not everyone fell for its ploy. The Kobold began to chant when Kali launched a surprise attack from the shadows of the fog. Unfortunately she missed giving the Kobold enough time to finish whatever it was doing. I tried to take another shot just as it finished but I lost my footing for some reason and the shot went wide. Luckily Kali took another shot with her hand crossbow and sunk the arrow into the Kobolds chest ending its miniscule little life.

The next few minutes I am going to skip. Lets just say that I had a couple of ideas that didn’t work and that Kali and I ended up falling as well. It was my fault, end of story.

We fell until we hit water and luckily nothing else. Even underneath the surface of the water I could make out a light source of some sort. I was able to swim to the surface and see that the light source was emanating form the rock that Kraegor had enchanted earlier. I believe Athems had it in his hand and he was looking off in another direction. We swam over to the small patch of rock that would relieve us of having to stay afloat. I asked him what he was looking at and he told me that Kraegor had swam off in the direction he was looking because his god told him to. I let out a sigh and knew that I would have to follow him to make sure he didn’t drown. For a while I couldn’t find him and I became worried when I reached a wall of rock and saw no sign of Kraegor any where. Right as I was about to give up and head back his head breached the surface and I noticed that he had a piece of wood in his hand. I was just relieved to see that he was alright but I didn’t let it show.

We swam over to another patch of rock that was close by to get some much needed rest after all that swimming. The light source from the rock was still alive and we could see the others looking at something in the water. I couldn’t quite make out what it was but all of a sudden Kali shot and arrow at it which didn’t faze it at all. Suddenly there was movement in the water. Not much but enough to make me wary. Then I saw something that resembled a fin and a big one at that. The others noticed as well and Kali shot an arrow into the fin. There was a lot of commotion from the water as the rest began to dive in and confront the beast. Tentacles shot out from the water and lashed out at the others. All I could do was shoot at the dark, gigantic silhouette created buy the torch that Asa lit. Kraegor roared and charged into the water after the beast. I couldn’t quite make out what was happening but knew that if this battle went on for too long we would be in a lot of trouble.

When it seemed like the battle would never end I fired a shot, struck the beast and it laid motionless. The arrow had hit home and killed the monstrosity. After I was sure the beast was dead I started to swim over and help everyone out of the water. Kali was busy getting Kraegor to shore so I decided to get Kai who was under the water and unconscious. I was struggling to get Kai to safety and was in a bad spot when Kraegor and Kali helped me out thankfully. We learned that Kai was bludgeoned in half after we reached the surface and got to the rock patch near by. Asa was unconscious, Casmin and Himo were okay, and I was told by Kali that while she was getting Kraegor to the rock patch he enchanted himself with the ability to water unhindered under the water. So there was really no need for her to help him out in the first place. I just shook my head and couldn’t keep from smiling a little.

We needed to find a way out but couldn’t see one from where we were so that meant we needed to start swimming around to try and find an opening or tunnel. I was exhausted and did not want to go back into the water, Himo was confused beacause he had apparently been under a trance speaking in a voice not his own which was why everyone was looking at the water right before the beast showed up, and Kraegor was fiddling with the wooden thing he had found earlier in a small cave under the water. Kali didn’t look to well and said that she felt really dry and that she couldn’t breath to well. So she leapt back into the water and instantly started to feel better. A couple of the others starting feeling the same and jumped in as well. I believe Casmin was the one to discover that not only did he feel better in the water but that he could actually breath under water. I didn’t believe it at first but Kali dived under the water and confirmed his discovery. I told them to fan out and look for an exit from this hell under the water.

While they were searching Kraegor was able to open the wooden thing which caused a half dolphin half horse thing to appear. It swam around in the water for a bit and then swam away and disappeared. Kraegor was very sad after that for while. Luckily Casmin came back and said that he had found another rocky area where thee was a cliff wall that looked climbable and that there was an area at the top that might lead to a way out. With the help of the ones who could breath under water we were able to get everyone over without any mishaps. I looked at the wall and thought that it was climbable. I climbed up, looked around to make sure that it was safe and tied off the rope so that we could get Asa up without too much trouble. Unfortunately Kraegor tied the rope around his ankles so he hung upside down for the whole time we were hauling him up. At the top we notice a door and a pathway leading elsewhere in the caverns. We also saw that there was a simple etched into the rock next to the bottom of the cliff face. It looked like a summoning circle and reminded me of the circle from the fields back in town, but I didn’t feel inclined to think about it for that long. So we decided to open the door which lead to a room that didn’t look unusual so we left and started down the path.

I was in front and a little ahead so I could let everyone know of any danger. I came across a very surprised and startled Kobold along the pathway. I grabbed my mace and knocked the little bugger out. It was then suggested to me that we throw the Kobold onto the circle at the bottom of the cliff face. I agreed and we did it. Nothing happened so we continued on down the path. It lead to an exit that was blocked by a boulder to which Kali explained that she told Himo and Athems to block the exit because two Kobolds had escaped down the path during the first little skirmish and thought that it would be wise to do so so that we wouldn’t get surrounded. I agreed but was a little frustrated because now we had to move the boulder to get out of the caverns. We did and realized we were at the beginning of the caverns. I said that we needed to leave the caves, make camp, and make sure the we were well rested before we went back to town. That everyone agreed was a good idea.

This is where I will leave off for now but don’t fret kiddies there is plenty more adventure where that came from. And plenty more Kraegor situations as well!

After A Day Like Today The Boiler Maker Ain't Shit.

After A Day Like Today The Boiler Maker Ain’t Shit.

Welcome back everyone to the exciting beat down that is my life. I’m your host and narrator Wilbur Huff saying if it’s not moldy than the cheese is still good! Alright, enough of that. Could you imagine if I was actually like that? I probably get an arrow shot through my head.

Okay, let’s get on with the story. Actually first I would like to state for the record that I can’t help but believe that the god I pray to, Heironeous, just wants me to die as soon as possible. With all the crap that Kraegor and I have been through lately you would think Heironeous would cut us a little slack, right? Yeah, apparently I’m supposed to suffer through a nightmare no man has ever had or should suffer through. I mean it’s not enough that I’m traveling with a guy who loves himself so much that I’m surprised he not only doesn’t carry a mirror so he can look at himself every five seconds but hasn’t found some way to legally marry himself yet!!

(Looks up and shakes both fists whilst shouting towards the heavens) DAMN YOU HEIRONEOUS!! DAMN YOU AND ALL YOUR KIND!!

Now that I got that out of my system I guess we can get back to the story. Now where was I? Oh yes, we were running for our lives (sigh).

When we last left off both Kraegor and I had not only gotten thwomped by the Kobolds and whatever Joris had turned into but we also had to start running for our lives once our feet touched solid ground again. We ran farther and faster than I could have ever imagined. I guess when your life is on the line even an old codger can pull a miracle from his arse. We kept up our pace until we reached the place where we camped for the night before venturing into the cave. Kraegor took some time to pray to Fharlanghn and asked to be told which direction the nearest road is to our position. He eventually stood up and pointed toward the East. Luckily for him I already knew that the road was toward the East. So, again we chose to set up camp feeling safe for the moment. Boy what a time to be wrong. As luck would have it, and you know we have only good, a large amount of the Kobolds decided to give chase and hunt us down to finish us off. Fortunately we had the sense to just leave our camp and hoof it for a bit longer.

After sometime we began to hear a low buzzing noise. We realized the we had came across the same spot with the huge tree that had all the insect nests upon it again. It was at that moment that I devised a plan. Albeit not a great plan, but good enough for the time being. I looked at Kraegor and motioned toward the tree. He initially had a look of confusion on his face but then ever so slightly an evil little smirk began to form. I noticed while sprinting as fast as we could towards the tree that there was a sparse area of woods towards the Northeast. Once we were about 120 feet from the tree we stopped and I told Kraegor to start running for the tree line. I took a quick look back and while I couldn’t see the Kobolds because it was night time, I could definitely hear them. About halfway to the tree line I stopped drew my bow, notched an arrow, and fired at the tree. Thankfully the arrow hit its mark. Thwack, Ping!! The arrow hit the tree and something metal but there was no time to dwell. I needed to get to runnin’ again.

I ran the rest of the way to the tree line and as I did I heard more buzzing, much louder, and by the sound much angrier than before. I didn’t bother to look back and just kept running and trying to catch up to Kraegor who in his old age could still move as fast as lightining. Eventually I caught up to and passed Kraegor. Unfortunately for us we noticed that a Howler Wasp was chasing after us. Without any word we both stopped turned and attacked.

(Fade to black as music plays)
(Music) Doodily..Doodily..Doodily..Doodily

A wild HOWLER WASP appeared!

Trainer Heironeous uses WILBUR HUFF, GO!

WILBUR HUFF: “Huuuuff!”





It is super effective!

TRAINER HEIRONEOUS: " Huff, use special ability QUICK DRAW and then use POINT BLANK SHOT!"


Critical Hit!!
It was super effective!

HOWLER WASP fainted.
HOWLER WASP was defeated.

(music) Doo..Doo..Doodily..Dee

WILBUR HUFF and KRAEGORTHE WALKERWALKERRANGER received 120 exp. Trainers Heironeous and Fharlanghn got 300 gold.

What the HELL just happened and why does the Howler Wasp look like it got hit by a rock golem!? Ya know what, who cares so long as it’s dying right?

Even though the Wasp was dying it took once last lunge at Kraegor who stood there like a rock in a pose that said “I am invincible!!”. I’m just glad that the Wasp collapsed before reaching him because the goo that was oozing out of it smelled pungent like some type of pheromone that the Wasp would use to mark an enemy. To answer your question, yes I do know that because I am educated in wilderness lore. Anyway, Kraegor started praying to Fharlanghn again to ask which direction the nearest road was even though he was already told that it was toward the East but I guess he just forgot. Ignoring the outcome of his praying entirely, I started taking us on a wide swoop around the area where the nest was to the Northeast and eventually heading East towards the road.

After sometime we reached the road which made Kraegor so happy he starting kissing it. Heading back towards the town using the road took a couple of days but it was heaven compared to what we had just been through. Upon reaching the town I just looked at Kraegor and said that I needed a beer, Kraegor agreed so we headed to the tavern/inn. It was no sooner that I had entered the bar when Broman tossed me a cold tankard of ale. I thanked him and sat down with the members of the watch that were at the tavern. We told them what had happened and even with the bad news they were still just happy to see we were still alive, being that we were gone for days.

Eventually word spread through town that we were back bringing everyone to the tavern to hear the tale of our courageous brush with death! Which is what Kraegor would come to call it with each retelling, making the story grander and more exciting every time it came out of his drunken mouth. I was to tired to regal everyone so I left that up to Kraegor and slipped out of the bar to talk with the pastor who had come to see what all the commotion was about. We went outside so we could talk and talk we did. Needless to say he was not happy with what I told him and when I pressed him on the idea that Joris was possessed by a demon he became very defensive about the subject so I eventually gave up. After the talk I grabbed Kraegor, we bid everyone a fond farewell and good night, went home and got some much needed rest. Little did I know what was going to wonder into town the next morning.

The next day was going quite well thanks to the fact that I finally got some much needed rest, could talk to my father for a bit, and actually eat a hot meal. I woke Kraegor and we headed out to the market to resupply ourselves after the recent fiasco. We just finished restocking our supplies when the crowd noticeably started to shift in one direction. Not being one to lack curiosity I walked over to see what the commotion was about. I swear to you at first I thought the gods were playing a trick on my eyes, but no. Jorris was standing in front of me bruised, battered, and bloodied. I walked towards him and stopped a few feet in front of him just out of his reach. I asked why he was here and how he could show his face after what just happened. He said he didn’t remember what happened and that he had been traveling for some time to get back to town. I didn’t believe him though so I warned the people to stay back for their own safety.

I grew tired of Jorris’s lying and was about to unsheath my sword (and no I wasn’t referring to my tallywhacker) when the pastor showed up to see what was going on. He too was taken aback by the fact that Joris, whom I said had turned into a demon and attacked us causing us to flee back to town, was standing before him. He motioned me towards him and said that it would be better if he tended to his wounds at the church. I was reluctant at first but the pastor finally twisted my arm and Kraegor and I took him to the church. There I cautioned the pastor not to take any unnecessary risks and the pastor nodded and then brought out a stock to confine Joris in.

After the pastor tended to Jorris’s wounds he began to question him about what had transpired but Joris could not remember anything. This didn’t sit well with me as I thought that he may still be possessed and if we let him out of the stocks he might attack again but the pastor didn’t think so. Then all of a sudden a miracle happened right before my eyes, Kreagor had a thought and a good one at that. Kraegor mentioned that there was a red glow coming from the cavern and that maybe whilst in the cavern Jorris could have been possessed but once he left the cavern the spirit left his body. The pastor said that is a good possibility and if true there might be a chance to save Joris and finally end the bad luck streak the town has been having.

We agreed that the only way to be sure was to go back to the cave and investigate further. Hopefully we could find what the cause to all this evil being a foot is and end its existence. I suggested that we leave a few guards here with Joris just in case we’re wrong and he starts to change again while we are gone. The pastor agreed and we decided to split into two groups. Myself, the pastor, Kraegor, Casmin, Athems, Himo, and two other of the town guard would head to the cavern to investigate while reluctantly Ishane, Asa, and three of the guard would stay behind to watch Jorris. After the planning had been concluded the pastor said we should make preparations to leave in the morning so Kraegor and I went back home to get ready. On the way we came across Emma who asked us if it was true that Jorris was back. I said yes and she said that she wanted to go see him but I insisted that she not for fear that she might get hurt. No matter how much I argued with her she wouldn’t head back home and luckily another miracle happened, Kraegor told Emma that it would be better for Jorris to not see anyone right now and that soon enough she would see him and should go home right now. Emma agreed and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two miracles in one day!? WOW!!

Just to make sure she went back I asked one of the rookie guardsman to take her back to her house and make sure that he stays there and keeps an eye on her so that she doesn’t sneak out to see Jorris. Afterwards we went home to get ready for tomorrow morning and for the sweet, sweet vengence to befall the Kobolds. I am so going to enjoy this.

Will the adventurers find what is causing all this hullabaloo? Will they save Joris and will they achieve the sweet, sweet vengence over the Kobolds? Tune in next time for the exciting adventures of Wilbur Huff and Kraegor “The Walker” Walkerranger!!

To Make A Long Story Short, We're Not BFF's Anymore.
Damn you Joris and your magic missiles!!

Long Story Short, We’re Not BFF’s Anymore.

I thought that after what happened I would be able to get some much needed rest but the gods apparently had other plans. I was woken up by Ishane, I only think it was Ishane because it’s just been so long since that day started that well after what recently happened it just doesn’t seem that important to remember who woke me up, who was a little taken aback to find out that I sleep in the nude. Anyway, he told me that he and I were charged, by the pastor, with clearing that area in the forest of the Kobold bodies and chopped down the trees with the weird symbols carved into them. I got dressed and we headed out to get it done. Unlike Ishane I don’t enjoy doing so much manual labor early in the morning but apparently he can’t get enough of decapitating bodies and then setting them on fire. Whatever gets you through the day I guess. Needless to say it took quite some time but we eventually got it done. I needed a beer after that work so we headed to the inn and the bartender started asking me questions about what had happened but I didn’t want to say anything so I told him that all I knew is what everyone else knew.

I headed over to the church to tell the pastor the work was done and also to ask how everyone was doing since the “incident” in the field. The pastor told me that Cazmen had been successfully separated from his armor, Emma was still shaken up by the whole ordeal, and that Joris was doing better but that it would be some time before he was fully healed. I asked if Emma had said anything else about what happened, if she had said anything about a red shinned demon with horns? He had a look of confusion on his face when I mentioned this and asked me to explain, so I did. The pastor then suggested that I go and talk to Emma and see if I could get any other information.

As I approached the Sykke families farm I noticed Emma out on the porch. She looked just as bad as she did when I found her dragging her brother back to the house. I asked what was wrong and she told me that she had seen more then what she told me. She told me that she saw her brother out in the field speaking some strange language and that after the red demon appeared he slapped Joris in the face and it seemed like he was set ablaze by the touch. I asked how Joris was doing and she told me that he had been acting weird this morning and that he had ran out the back door of the house and ran to the north through the field. I told that she should have told me this to before and that I need to tell the pastor and Asa about this but she made me promise not to tell for fear that they might hurt Joris. I reluctantly agreed and headed back to town.

As I got closer to the church I noticed that the pastor and Asa were talking to some strange man and the conversation didn’t look friendly. The man left so I decided to ask them what had happened. The pastor told me that the man, named Kraegor, came into town carrying a man who was barely alive and then started to insult their god and the church and then just walked away to the inn. I told the pastor that Emma didn’t tell me anything else about what happened and I said that I would talk to this Kraegor and see whether or not he was going to be any more trouble than he already was. Oh and I just want to mention that he looked really old.

I walked into the bar and took a quick look around to see if anyone else was in there just in case things got out of hand with my soon to be new friend. There was a few people but not many. I walked up to the bar and took the seat next to Kraegor and said “Hey there friend my name is Wilbur Huff what’s your name?”. I would write down what he said but it would probably take me days for he talks like every conversation is a story of some legendary hero who defeats a mythical beast of some sort. After a little while he told me is story of how he arrived here and mentioned seeing a lad he was running as fast as he could to the north. I told him that I was looking for my friend Joris who had gone missing and was supposedly headed north. We both came to the conclusion that the boy he say was Joris and I asked he wouldn’t mind helping me find him. He agreed and we both set out on our very first adventure together. Heironeous kill me now, please.

Kraegor wasn’t that bad of a traveling companion. He told me stories of his adventures, about his god Falangi or however you pronounce it, and told me about how roads must be taken care of and that he was spreading that knowledge to anyone he came across. As he talked more about the roads we came upon the spot where he found the half dead man he carried into town. He suggested that we clean up the road and remove the carriage from the middle of it. All I could do was look at him in amazement because we really had no way of moving the carriage at all but as I found out early on Kraegor is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I suggested that we first bury the dead and then see if we can move the carriage. He agreed, we buried the dead and then said we should bury the shovels with them. I didn’t argue for long because we already lost time to search for Joris. We tried to use the rope I brought but that just snapped so we decided to push and we did. Right over the grave we just dug.

Finally we were back on the trail of Joris. We followed the trail on the road and then when it veered into a forest for the rest of the day until around midnight when we set up camp. Unfortunately we didn’t take shifts keeping watch so we woke up to a couple of metallic beetle’s eating our armor and weapons. After grabbing our weapons we made quick work of the beetle’s but not before I was sprayed with acidy spit. Yeah for me. The next morning we continued our tracking of Joris deeper into the woods. Eventually we heard buzzing in the air and after looking around we saw a tree covered in nests that belonged to giant bee’s of some sort. We both looked at each other and without saying a word just kept following the trail left by Joris.

After some time we finally reached the end of the trail which stopped just before a cliff wall of the mountains where the Kobolds dwell. There wasn’t anything that stood out to us except for what looked like a cave entrance at the top of the cliff wall. The wall was around fifty feet which wouldn’t have been a problem if Kraegor could actually utilize his minotaur like strength of his and pull his old behind up the wall. I to reach the top just as he began to fall back down to the ground which by the looks of it hurt quite a bit. I waited patiently for him to reach the top and took a closer look at the cave entrance to see if there was anything in there. What I saw I didn’t believe. It was Joris holding on the edge of what looked like a big crack in the floor of the cave. He didn’t look as if he could pull himself up so I went to go and help him. Unfortunately I couldn’t pull him up so I tried to hold onto him long enough for Kraegor to reach the top and come and help me. Just then Joris muttered something I didn’t quite here and he let go of the edge making it even harder for myself to not only hold onto him but also keep my balance.

Kraegor wasn’t able to make it up the cliff before Joris and I tumbled into the endless darkness below us, curse his old bones. I awoke some time later to find myself on rock pillar in the middle of what I could only describe as hell itself. There were demons moving below me seemingly endless in numbers and there were even demons flying in what may have been the sky above although it looked as if it was covered in rock. An endless nightmare to which there was no end in sight. All of a sudden I felt some presence reaching out for me. I could even fell a hand on my shoulder beckoning me to let it in. Luckily I woke from that nightmare deeper inside the cavern with Kraegor standing over and Joris tied up and unconscious near me. Kraegor said he was performing some type of ritual on me when he found us.

Suddenly Joris began to twitch and convulse. He began to change, to mutate. His arms grew long and grew vicious claws that could rip a man in half. Joris’s skin began to turn red and I realized at that moment that the red demon that Emma had seen had taken over Joris and there was no chance of me rescuing Joris like I promised Emma earlier. I also wished that I had told the pastor and Asa what Emma had told me because we could really use them right about now. We fought Joris for what seemed like ages and he was beginning to look like he was in bad shape. It seemed like the battle was over when Joris bellowed a beast like howl that traveled throughout the cavern. Eventually we heard more beasts coming to Joris’s aide. Krager went to take a look and found many Kobolds with crossbows. It wasn’t the best as far as situations go. We gave it our best to try and stop Joris and the Kobolds but to no avail. It was at that junction that we started to flee the cavern in the hopes of living to fight another day which was in no way an exaggeration. We ran for the wall where Joris and I fell to try and climb up to the entrance. Out of no where a magic missle flew through the darkness and struck Kraegor in the back I looked up at him and with a frustrated look on my face said “They have a cave troll”. I didn’t say that or anything for that matter. We just climbed faster and were lucky to make it to the top which is when I heard Joris scream something about how we could have been brothers or whatever. Hopefully it wasn’t more important than our lives to stay and listen.

I gave Kraegor some aide and we fled the cave down the cliff wall and made our way past the area where we saw the giant bees to where we camped the night before and finally stopped to rest and heal. I swear the next time we venture into that cave Joris will not win the day. Oh and not that I need to say this but Joris and I are not friends anymore.

Now this is the story all about how my roads got flipped and turned upside down...

On the roads where I spend most of my days I was walking, smoking, relaxing all cool when a couple of Kobolds, they were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood. They got in one little fight and some guy got scared and so basically it was up to ole Kregor “The Walker” Walkerranger, yours truly, to disembowel the little critters with the less-smooth end of my beat stick, which I accomplished quite hastily. However, delivering Fharlanghn’s reckoning upon these foul creatures did not quench my unfathomable loathing for whomever suddenly decided to forgo the ever important task of watching the damned roads.

Kobolds do not withhold the mental capacity to make roads, nor do they contain many of the head and handy capabilities of their humanoid cousins…humans. This is why Kobolds claim the uncharted, undeveloped, unimportant mountains and humans sway upon the glorious cradle of civilization, which is upheld by the sound foundation that are the roads of Fharlanghn. It is then no wonder that the presence of Kobolds upon any road is more the fault of the men who forged it. Well, Pelor is somewhat to blame in this situation as well. Unlike what he and most of his followers may believe, light doesn’t solve everything. Give Pelor a magnifying glass and he might be able to actually start being useful, like roasting a few pests that have been bothering humanity for the last hundred thousand years…like dragons. What about dungeons? Pelor doesn’t do much good there does he. That’s probably why he coerces and browbeats people into following him, so that he can throw them down dark holes with a torch that only lasts an hour with the promise of a decent longsword at the other end of it, then brag to his fellow deities about all the dungeon-cleaning-up he’s been organizing, as if it all really matters. And there’s never a decent longsword at the end of any dungeon, just a dragon with a horde of Kobolds blocking your exit strategy. I bet at the beginning of time, when domains were being divvied out, all the other gods purposely gave Pelor the wrong time, and showing up late Pelor got last pick. Ahh, the overseer of photosynthesis, the grand crop conjurer, the almighty distributor of Edema and blisters, what would humanity ever do without his glorious rays on a day without cloud cover. Apparently at some point sometime in the past Pelor decided to take up a grudge with the undead. Well, that was already Kelemvor’s job, but whatever, two heads are better than one, Kelemvor doesn’t usually object to anything that aids in the process of sorting through dead bodies. I’m pretty sure the conversation went something like this:

Pelor: “Oh hey Kelemvor! Didn’t expect to see you here…in this dungeon…with all these dead bodies that mysteriously ended up…dead. By the way, did they kill that dragon? I mean, erm, what?”
Kelemvor: “No, their torches blew out. Then Kobolds blocked their exit strategy.”
Pelor: “Ahh, that’s a shame, terrible. Anyway, oh! Do you need help, you know, sorting through these dead bodies and all? I feel bad just watching and not helping haha.”
Kelemvor: “Whatever”
Pelor: “Ahh sweet, awesome, thanks man. I’ve always wanted to, you know, try this stuff out. Seems like all this dead body stuff is serious business right!? Are they animated? Are they just dead? It’s like the in thing now to like, sort through them and be like ’you’re animated! Be gone with you foul creature!’ and then you bash them with your awesome bastard sword and by the way what are the stats on that thing because it…looks…amazing, I mean I can tell by the glow on that beauty it runs up a lot of prayers, probably half of them are for swatting undead alone AM I RIGHT!”
Kelemvor: “I guess.”
Pelor: “Dang man, I’ve got to say, you lucked out on this undead domain stuff, I mean really. You’re probably living the dream right man!? Coming home all worn out, covered in undead muck, doing stuff that…matters…I mean, I saw Selune and Shar staring at you the other day man and boy do I have to say, they…looked…impressed. I mean really, I bet you get laid like, every five seconds. No, every second of every second, WHATEVER, it’s probably godlike the amount of god-banging you get going on. See that pun I slipped there? haha. Yeah man, whew…But you know, don’t you ever get tired of all this?”
Kelemvor: “Not really.”
Pelor: "Oh…Well…That’s understandable. It’s important work, you know, you’re sorting through every soul that ever exists…ever. And there’s those never ending legions of undead armies you get to chuck around, and those awesome lich kings you have to stomp on and of course Wee jas gets to be a hand full from time to time RIGHT!? And I know you guys have that whole ‘Oh I can’t stand the other person, blah blah’ thing going on while everyone knows you bang in between epic battles and what not and…dude, honestly…I need this domain, I can’t handle this Light domain anymore, it’s killing me. There’s nothing to do, ever. I’m basically a glorified lightswitch operator. Women don’t like to be around me, they say I’m too bright, that it gives them a headache. Dressing up like you helps, but Selune caught me recently…I cry a lot..
Kelemvor: “We all hate you tremendously, you know that?”
Pelor: “Does this mean we get to share the Death domain?”
Kelemvor: “Not really, but you can pretend to if it means you quit being a prick.”
Pelor: “Sweet.”
Kelemvor: “Also, quit sending your followers down dungeons. They can’t kill Kobolds with the Light spell alone, and torches only last one hour.”
Pelor: “Fuck you, I’m Kelemvor now.”

Anywhat, after informing two fanboys of Pelor that their road had been side-rammed by a pack of Kobolds, I decided to investigate the local tavern and see if everyone in this town drank urine for breakfast instead of tending to Fharlanghn’s gift to humanity. Apparently the Clerics of Pelor did, and apparently they believe the sun’s rays will solve all of their problems, including stupidity. I did come into acquaintance with a rather young fellow by the name of Wilbur. Apparently the village clerics are in charge of name distribution as well. After several pints and a good sum of stories told on my part which soon became the talk of the tavern, Wilbur and I decided to fetch his best friend, the fellow I encountered earlier who ran when his mommy got scared. I of course wished to rap him on the head for abandoning such a predicament, especially upon Fharlanghn’s open road. And so we head out on a mighty adventure! We fought off wave after wave of Kobolds as we steadily trekked our way through the barren and mysterious forest, onward towards the cold, decrepit mountains. The Kobolds could not breed fast enough, as we slaughtered their youth no sooner than they spoke their first words. And trust you me, they last sight any of these poor creatures begotten, was the uglier side of my stick before it whacked the life matter out of them.
But Kobolds were not the first, nor the end of our trials during this dangerous task set before ourselves. COLOSSAL, metal, rust beasts stampeded their way towards us one peaceful evening, throwing trees and boulders aside like they were childrens toys, or better yet, Pelors domains. Wilbur was on watch that night, but had fallen asleep. Thankfully I always sleep with two eyes open. Knowing full well Wilbur would not be able to handle such a dire situation, I quickly formulated a plan. I threw my scale armor at the beasts and told Wilbur to do likewise with his sword, for I knew metallic beasts could not resist the magnetic attraction emitted by our combined metal wares. And so Wilbur and I slew the beasts as they lay helpless due to my sharp cunning and wit.
Soon enough, we were upon the face of the mountain with what was left of the remaining pathetic excuse of a Kobold tribe hiding, petrified within their safe holes and crevasses. As Fharlanghn’s roads end at all mountains, I decided to sit and pray for his divine guidance as Wilbur began the dreaded assent into the mountain. When I awoke, I was covered in blood and barely holding on to dear life. I mustered up what strength I could and carried Wilbur back into the forest, away from the annoying crossbows of our hated Kobolds. I figured whist climbing, Wilbur must have loosened a rock from the mountain wall, which to my luck, must have fallen right atop my head as I was praying. Luckily I always pray with two eyes open and rapidly recovered from the blow. I did, however, have a fleeting vision of Wilbur’s “best friend” possessing him, then growing enormous arms which I cut off with the handsome side of my whack-stick.

Just another day in the woods

Just Another Day On The Farm

The day started off like any other in the town of Sleeping Grove, a small out of the way place with just three farms and the usual accoutremon for a town. Wilbur Huff awoke, got dressed, and headed downstairs to greet his father. Wilbur remembered on his way down that later this day would be his turn as the night watch, which was common for he and others of the town who were chosen for this uneventful but still very important job. After greeting his father he was asked to head into town and retrieve some items from the local farmers market and if at all possible acquire some animal hide during the night watch, as his father was the town leather worker and would need such things to continue his craft. Wilbur acquiesced to his request and headed into town.

In town at the market he came across Emma Sikke, younger sister to his best friend Joris Sikke whose family owned the farthest farm from the center of town, who was selling some of the crops produced that season. Wilbur then approached her and began to ask about the produce she had at her stall. After a short time of selecting the best produce to buy Wilbur was just about to head back home when he noticed that something heavy weighed upon Emma’s mind. He asked what was wrong to which Emma began retelling what had happened the night before. She said that last night she had seen a bright tower of flame erupt from one of the fields of the farm. The next day when her family went to see what had happened they found that a large circle had been scorched into the field. What was strange about the whole event was that the fire did not spread throughout the field. Wilbur told Emma he would look into it and let her know about any information he found.

Wilbur arrived home and dropped off the produce , but before heading back into town to meet up with the rest of the night watch he had a few questions to ask his father. He asked if his father noticed anything suspicious going on around town lately. Alas, his father knew nothing so he went to the tavern/inn to meet up with the rest of the watch. There he asked the other men and the bartender the same questions but they too had no answer for him. He still felt uneasy so he told Athmes, the rookie, to stay at the tavern/inn in the bell tower and told him to ring the bell if he saw anything unusual instead of joining them on the patrol. Athmes begrudgingly accepted the duty.

There was still some time before the group would head out on patrol so Wilbur took it upon himself to head to the local church to meet with the cleric of the town and discuss the event that occurred at the Sikke farm. Unfortunately Asa, the apprentice paladin of the church, told him the cleric was busy performing some rituals and wouldn’t be available for some time. Asa asked Wilbur to explain what happened and offered his skills in figuring out what was going on. After explaining the situation they both agreed to head over to the farm, though they knew it would take some time even by horse, and see the circle for themselves.

Upon arriving at the farm they were greeted by Mrs. Sikke who inquired why they had come. Wilbur told her what Emma had said and asked if they could see the circle. She hesitated and then said that only Wilbur was allowed to see it and that Asa must stay with her. Asa gave a nod in Wilbur’s direction letting him know it was okay. He was led out to the circle by Joris. Upon reaching the circle Wilbur didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Upon closer inspection he noticed to circle had footprints around the perimeter which looked as if one person had put out the fire. Noticing nothing else, Wilbur headed back with Joris to the house to inform Asa of what he found. Wilbur entered the farm house and noticed Asa and Mrs. Sikke sitting at the dinner table talking. Asa stood, thanked Mrs. Sikke for her hospitality and they both departed from the house. As they exited Wilbur noticed that Joris looked a bit under the weather and asked if anything was wrong. Joris said nothing was wrong so Wilbur just left it at that and headed back to the church with Asa.

On the way back Wilbur asked if Asa had found anything out while talking to Mrs. Sikke. Asa reluctantly said he found out nothing but he did sense evil at the farm and felt that something was being kept secret from them. Wilbur realized it was just about time to start the patrol for the night watch when they reached the town. Before parting with Asa they went inside the church and told the cleric about their findings. The cleric found the information disturbing and then Wilbur asked if it would be alright if Asa were to join the patrol just in case they ran into something that none of them could handle. The cleric thought that it would be a good idea and Asa agreed to join the patrol and said he would meet up with them at the tavern/inn after getting ready at the church. So Wilbur headed back to the tavern/inn to meet up with Cazmen and Ishane, who would join him on the patrol, and to finish preparations. Not long after everything was ready Asa showed up and the four headed out.

They were about half way done with Wilbur scouting ahead, mainly because he could see the best at night and also the fact that he wore leather armor made by his father helped to keep his footsteps quiet, and luckily so far nothing out of the ordinary happened. Unlucky for Wilbur however, he could find no animals to get hide from for his father. The four were directly north of the town now and out of the darkness Wilbur noticed something etched in one of the trees. Symbols of some sort were gouged into to bark but not just on one tree had the symbols, four others did as well. As he took a closer look at the symbols he heard something. Something that didn’t sound human so he crouched down and readied his bow. What he saw he couldn’t believe. A group of Kobolds, small lizard like creatures that live in the nearby mountains, crept out from the dark. Why did they come down this far from the mountain?, he wondered. He yelled back to Asa and the others to hurry to his side which gave the Kobolds the drop on him and he found himself surrounded by three while one stayed back and readied its crossbow. He stood his ground and fought the Kobolds long enough for the others to reach him. They made short work of the small creatures and were about to continue their patrol when they heard the bell tower ring.

The group ran back towards town as fast as they could. When they had made it to one of the fields of the Sikke farm Asa pointed out a large flame tower coming from the field. The four decided to run towards the flame and as they got close something they saw caused them to stop dead in their tracks. What they saw was unbelievable. A man but not a man, made of flame, danced and laughed as it touched the crops in the field and cause them to burst into flame. While the others were entranced by what they saw Wilbur took aim with his bow and fired and arrow at the creature hoping not only to injure it but to snap everyone out of the shock of seeing such a demon. The arrow flew true and struck the creature made of flame in the stomach injuring it. The demon looked at the four with a look of amazement and utter horror and then quickly ran away from town towards the woods. Asa, Cazmen, and Ishane ran after the demon while Wilbur headed towards the area where the flame originated.

He arrived at the spot to see that there was no one their and that the flame had again only scorched a certain area of the field. He noticed though that there were drag marks left by what could only be a person dragging someone out of the field. Wilbur followed the path out of the field and saw Emma dragging Joris back towards their house. He ran up to her and noticed that Joris was very badly burned and in dire need of healing and that Emma was only slightly burned but would be okay. He asked Emma what had happened. Emma said that she saw Joris at the flame and he was saying something when all of a sudden this demon came out appeared. When Wilbur asked her about the demon she said it was large, red, and had horns. For a second Wilbur thought she may be in shock from what had just transpired so he asked if she had seen a creature made of flame. Emma told Wilbur she had only seen the red demon so instead of wasting more time Wilbur helped Emma get Joris back to the house. Mr. and Mrs. Sikke were horrified by the sight of Joris and began to soak cloths to cover Joris’s burns with.

Wilbur decided to head back to the church to see if he could get the cleric to help Joris and save his life. On the way back he saw Athmes riding a horse as fast as he could towards. He yelled to Athmes and luckily Athmes stopped. He relayed what happened to Athmes who then gave the horse to Wilbur and told him that the cleric was at the tavern/inn trying to calm the townsfolk. Wilbur told Athmes to head to the Sikke’s farm and try to put out the fires raging in the field. As soon as Wilbur reached the tavern/inn he jumped off the horse and ran inside to what only could be described as utter chaos. It took him sometime before he was able to get the clerics attention and explain what had happened. The news of the demon deeply disturbed the cleric but he knew that Joris’s lived hung in the balance and after he got what he needed at the church they both rode as fast as they could to the farm house. Immediately the cleric ran inside and began to tend to Joris. Fortunately the cleric said they made it in time and that eventually Joris would be fine.

The cleric asked where Emma was and Mr. Sikke told them that she was in the field helping put the fire out. The cleric then told Wilbur to go help out in the field. As he approched the field he noticed the fire was pretty much put out. Wilbur was about to talk with Emma when Asa and the others came walking through the field. Asa asked Wilbur where he ran off too. He explained to Asa what happened and then asked Asa what became of the creature made of fire. Asa told him that they chased the creature into the woods where Cazmen had caught up to it and tackled it to the ground but was very badly burned do to the contact with the creature causing his armor to fuse to is skin. Asa lifted his hammer to show Wilbur that the end was melted because the creature met its end to it. Wilbur asked Asa to take him back to where the creature was slain so he could take a look at the remains.

They arrived to find nothing but a glassy looking surface with a stone sticking out of the ground where the creature fell. Wilbur put the stone in his pack and they headed back to the farm. Wilbur and Asa took a closer look at the field. Asa could feel some source of evil as they got closer to the circle where the flame tower originated. When they stepped into the circle Asa was sure that the source of evil was at the center. They noticed that at certain points along the perimeter of the circle and in the center the same symbols they saw gouged into the bark of the trees they came across in the woods. Wilbur was just about to reach for the stone is his pack when Asa warned him that doing so could have dire consequences. So they decided to find the cleric and let him about everything that had come to pass. After speaking with the cleric they all agreed that something bigger must be behind all of this and that the second demon, which was no where to be found, was unsettling to say the least. They all agreed that they must look into this further.

What lies ahead for our brave adventurers? Will they be able to stand steadfast and confront the evils behind this nightmare? Tune in next time for another adventure of the Thalendor Confederation. Oh, and kids don’t forget to drink you Ovaltine!


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